Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Green Glow.......

Our brown is going away and yet there are still leaves laying around that remind me of all the gray brown that we had. This photo glows with the light of spring and the shot shows the chokecherry tree  unfolding its leaves. The brown bed in the foreground gets raked today carefully as the peonies are not coming up as the soil warms.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Good Start.......

Iris that is transplanted doesn't always take right away but seems stunted for the first year.  I think this new start will grow strong this year and next year there will be blooms.  The leaves on the iris are translucent but one doesn't really notice that until the shines through it. I have a newer bed that hasn't bloomed ever that I hope to see blooms on this year.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Basking in the Sun.......

Monday morning, it is spring time, and more rain is on its way.  We are still classified as being in a mild drought area and we do need the rain.  The hardy geraniums can quit freeloading inside in a few weeks.  I would move them outside but it would cause us to have a freeze.  I can babysit them inside without too much trouble.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

White as Snow........

We remember that we are now forgiven because of Jesus' sacrifice.  May we celebrate the season every day of the year.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Not My Dust.....

It isn't a pretty picture but my wife's friend dumped three tv sets on us this week.  She lives in a senior housing development where things are handed down, across the hall and they all find new things to cause them to get rid of things.  My wife's friend was having tv trouble with a reception box that translates digital onto an analogue tv. 

One person's mother who lived there died and immediately the son gave her the one in the foreground.  It does work, once I got it home and mess with it, but it is too big for a studio apartment.  The other set is one that only works with a cable hookup.  I don't have cable so I have never heard of a set like that before now.  It is worthless to us and also probably to everyone else who has a new modern flat screen one. The third set is a small one that we have set up in the gallery but it doesn't pick up all of the stations.  I do think that a trip to the landfill is in order. Right now they are all in my store room in which I had moved things out of and now those spaces are filled up again.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Cat and a Chair...........

I could not have planned this photo, it just happened.  I am carrying in old chairs from the car that we had lent to my wife's friend.  I just left it there to do other stuff.  When I am out with the camera, there Tiny Tim sat.  I have a set of 6 of those chairs that belonged to my parents.  I just can't dump them even though we will never use them.  I am thinking I might turn them into items to paint on as novelty furniture. Tiny Tim continues to hang around everyday and gives me ample photo opportunities.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Winter Be Gone.......

This was taken a couple of days ago and I am certain there will still be a trace of snow along the shed still this morning.  It looks more hopeful out there though as my chokecherry tree is putting out its first leaves and some of the grass areas are green.  In spite of the cold the iris and tulips are shooting up as well as the dandelions are starting to bloom on the south side of buildings. I will get my morning glories planted along the trellis as soon as the soil warms up to help germinate the seed.