Thursday, March 5, 2015

Exploring Treasures.......

Treasures can be defined in many ways.  I find one persons treasure are somewhat worthless to others.  The emotional tie to them or memory of an event is what makes them a person's treasure.  The treasures here are my parents things.  I picked up boxes when clearing their house and sort them later at my home now 6 years later.  This is a check box that I found in the top drawer of their bathroom chest of drawers.  The box itself is sort of a dumping space for them.  I do that all the time dumping something into a container thinking I will figure out later where it should belong.

Here I found two stray photos that were of my mom's country school kids.  There is a stamp that was bought for three cents.  A pair of earrings, clip of course, and two pins. One of them is a scarf pin.  The necklace in the box is old and the photos are very old.  They were probably put there by my dad, as he must have bought them when he was stationed in Washington, D.C. back in 1942. I found a stray cloth bag that they must have been bought in as there is tourist like tags on it. He would dig out war time things to remember and leave them about the house. The small square box at the top right I will share later as I was surprised to see what I did find in it.  That is another blog at another place for sure.

As a photo, I noticed that the inside of the box is the most focused part of the photo.  The natural light from the window lighted its contents perfectly.  The things on the side on the right are partially lighted by an overhead incandescent set of bulbs.  It gives things a yellow overcast on the photos.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Downy Magic....

It amazes me when a downy can cling to wood boards like this.  I don't think they know the treated lumber will not have any insects inside of it. I know that a lot of it is instinct as they have to peck on things to be sure they can identify the object.  I have new suet out at the feeder but the better weather, less snow, just cold, hasn't made them want to eat suet.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Inside and Outside........

The peperomia plant has done well sitting in my window sill. The oxalis leans into it but the variegated leaves are new and different from the parent plant of solid green leaves.  While taking the photo of the specimen plant I still gave you a glimpse of our outside weather. We have been promised a week of warmer weather which should tackle melting away some of this snow.

Monday, March 2, 2015


The winds were strong last week and as you can see it took out a birdhouse.  The dead leaves showing through the snow is a promise of something.  I don't think it is spring.

The rustic house is back on its solid base awaiting the next change in the weather.  We have not received any of the forecasted weather for about a week now.  It is always a guessing game.  I scraped frost off my car this morning. It is suppose to be warming up to just 30 F. today.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Digging In..........

The feeder isn't designed that well so the birds had to learn how to land on it and then how to dig into that opening to seed. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seeing White.........

I pull these out of my wife's glass display cupboard once in a while and take their pictures.  They are smaller items as the glass cabinet has shelves that are about 4 inches high.  Only the small things get to be in there.  The penguin is a ceramic piece that has very subtle glaze color on it.  The little dogs are from the past, retrieved out of my grandmother's house when they were shutting it down for sale in the 1950's. My mom didn't protect them very well.

I have a lot of bad memories about the two pups as the whole set six or more were so abused that the two are all that is left.  I have looked for them at shops and on the internet but none seem to be out there.  The two mother and father dogs were big with black dog collars on them.  There were two or three more pups and they all have been broken.  The surviving mother dog and one other pup didn't survive a situation when my brother was living with my mom about 7 years ago.  The glaze on these pups have an iridescent glaze on them and the single stroke of red on their mouths make them look like sad faces. My grandmother was British but I bet these came from Japan and were not family keepsakes from overseas.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Sunshine in My Eyes.......

The male cardinal has turned so brown that I have to look twice to see if it is a male or female. Then I think how confused I am as the female is totally brown and does not have the an all red colored head.  When I first got up to let the dogs outside I noticed one lone junco sitting on a bar of the lawn chair looking back at me.  In my bathrobe and flimsy shoes I went out and fed the birds even before I had made coffee.  It is -11 degrees F.  and the birds should really be hungry.  They were grateful as this guy above showed up for me to take some shots after my coffee.