Monday, September 1, 2014

Still Life Junk............

A photo of mystery today as I try to find new and exciting things in which to take photos.  The item with the wheels, lacking the rubber part of the wheel, is sitting upside down to keep standing water away from the mosquitoes.  The neighbor who moved away 30 years ago charged me ten dollars for it as he sold off as much of his old stuff as he could before moving to Utah.  My dad's wooded squirrel feeder awaits my decision.  I will either use it this winter or burn it. The stray brick came from somewhere and the whole scene sits there out in public view.   I can still use the thing with wheels in an emergency but the wheels do slow me down.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Furry Blurry Cat.........

As I was out yesterday, camera in hand, I was looking to see how many apples I was going to have to pick up.  I also was looking up to see how many more apples that I needed to get picked from the tree. As I walked by the tree, I glanced back and the white cat of the neighbors was sitting there.  She was just watching and playing statue.  I whipped out the camera and caught in her perfect sitting position and off she ran.  She knows she is an intruder, a welcomed one, but she isn't friendly with us the property owners.  She does like a free meal once in a while at the side porch in the self feeder. 

Once in a while she forgets and goes into the back yard which belongs to the dogs.  Button has to gently chase over to the hole in the fence that I left for the cats to use.  She does act like royalty as she enjoys her freedom outside, as she enjoys all that there is to explore. She sneaks out of the neighbors house back door and she sneaks back in to not give notice of her travels.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Deep Forest.........

While I was out and about I looked up at the bark of this tree.  It is a Balsm Pine from Minnesota and has grown large after 30 or more years. The moss is new this year as we had rains continually and the bark stays wet.  The lights are from forever long ago.  I use to decorate this tree with lights probably 10 to 15 years ago when it was small or at least only 19 foot tall.  As you can see plastic lasts forever.  As I keep trimming off bottom branches the lights do can now be seen.  I also had to trim the pine back as the raccoon liked to cross over from the tree onto our roof.  I stopped that from happening and now it crawls up my trellis leaving muddy foot prints on my porch post. Now that I have shown everyone the old string of lights I can now pull that batch down.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Moving Subject.........

I was surprised to see the hummingbirds coming to this feeder after spending most of the summer ignoring it.  I sit at the dining room table to blog and while blogging yesterday I noticed my little visitor out the window. I went for the camera and on one of his return visits I caught this guy in action.  I at first didn't think the camera caught the wings but it did pick up the blur of them.  He has been back a couple of times today now as I blog but it is hard to take hummingbird pictures. It really is chance and an accident if I ever get a shot of them.   The other day I saw two hummingbirds at the bee balm blooms but that is an impossible shot as they zoom in and zoom out so quickly.  The rains have caused the bee balm stems to now lay on the ground. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bursting into Bloom......

I crawled up the step ladder and took the shot of the blue morning glory noticing the white bud but thinking nothing of it.  I went down the ladder and checked out some fallen apples under the apple tree next to the trellis and I looked up. The white bud had opened in less than five minutes.  I climbed up the ladder and the rest is history.  I have yet to get all three colors in bloom at the same time.  The bloom of the blue one yesterday, bottom photo, is shriveled up under the new bloom of the day.  I didn't know that the red pigment shows up after it finishes its bloom.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fallen Fruit.........

When I first started this blog I really wanted it to be just a posting of a good or better than average photographs.  The visual was to be not a slappy, happy snap.  I guess I have succeeded in trying to keep my quality higher on this blog than on my other posts.  I do want things to not be in a rut but flower after flower photo is taken because of the season they bloom.  I am trying to expand the subject matter variety but it is easy to take the quick shot of the beautiful.  I hold back on great photos sometimes and then forget to ever post them.  Regardless of all the rambling I hope to keep growing as an artistic photographer.  I am becoming more aware of the less beautiful and will try to get the subject matter expanded. 

The fallen apples are a result of me picking them up from the ground and putting them aside before I go for the major job of picking the apples from the tree. I don't know the name of the apple tree but it is getting to be old and large. I had these apples in the wheel barrow for quite a while and I have some lined up on the top of a sawhorse under the other tree.  I do have animals that like to eat at the fallen ones so I try to check every couple of days for the ones that I could really peal and have some clear fruit inside.

 The tree is probably 30 years old or more. When I pick out a tree in the catalog, it must say great for pie making. I suppose that I could find the variety that it is by going through the seed catalogs.  The tree is in need of a good pruning but that happens only when I feel like doing it. I will need the tall step ladder for this tree and the other by the shed to pick the apples.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Lineup........

I am sure that the joy of harvesting the tomatoes will become less exciting but for now it is time to celebrate.  The Lake Superior rock stays on the ledge year round to remind me of my favorite lake and place in the United States.  Actually it ties with the Eastern coast but I live closer to Lake Superior.