Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday's Sun......flower.

In the last many days I have been struggling to get a good shot of the sunflower blooms.  They had not opened up enough and they seemed so small.  Now they have grown in size over the last two days.  While out there fighting and dancing around with the mosquitoes I saw a monarch flying around.  Little did I know that it would land up there for me to photograph.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Stories They Could Tell...........

The trees are old.  They are past their prime and yet I like their part of history on this property.  I have only three silver maples left.  I have lost two of them the past 15 years.  One fell down in a wind storm and the city took the other.  The house is over 100 years old and I suspect that these were put in during the 20's.  That is when the sidewalks were put in by the WPA.

I have found evidence that one grew on the south side of the lot and had fallen and landed on the kitchen a few years back.  Both the stump area was gone but the indention was there and the patched roof of the roof showed how tall the tree was.  The other indention in the yard of a past silver maple would mean that there were 7 of them originally. The whole corner block was surrounded with them. I have never found a photo anywhere that shows the trees when they were younger.

 Birds of all kinds, squirrels, owls, and sometime raccoons make their homes in them.  Woodpeckers love them and squirrels travel from branch to branch never really having to be on the ground. I have always appreciated the activity that they bring to make my property to seem more like a wildlife refuge.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Promise of Blooms......

As I try to keep the photos posted here fresh and different each day I find it hard to pick just one shot. This is a wonderful sight of many buds on the sedum ready to bloom.  The hint of a few blooms suggest what is yet to come. Having this plant shrivel up about this time of the year last year makes this years promise to be a great sight.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Faded Beauty.....

As the seasons are transitioning the most showy flowers are now fading.  Some coneflowers just dry up and turn black but this one is fading slowly.

In the very same area as the above faded bloom is this new bloom.  It hasn't been open for very long as it is a late bloomer. It is a small one that has stronger color than the camera pick up of it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Showing Off........

I find myself saving back photos for this post and then they get buried or used on facebook.  I never make it to the original site that I intended for it to be displayed.  This twisted stemmed zinnia has stayed the course and just today I staked it back up into a standing place. How the stem got twisted can only be blamed on weather and gravity.  I found an old tomato cage that I could place into the middle of the zinnias and I drew each fallen stem back into a semi vertical position. 

The shot on the side here is one that has a shriveled, old flower look.  It almost has a personality with the way that it is weathering.  This is a mulit-petaled one that had been one of the first to bloom.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blending In.......

I was out taking photos and I could hear a cat calling from the woodpile.  It was the neighbor's cat warming itself in the sunshine and reminding me that it was there.  "Meow" as we call the cat loves to live on our side porch and does so for days at a time.  The cat disappears when one of the three neighbor girls see it and off Meow goes home. The last time I saw the cat go home the older girls had him in her arms and all I could see was the tail hanging out through her one arm.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Natural Lighting.........

A sunny, windy day that gave me some good shots in the backyard.  Looking towards the orchard the sunlight gave the old windmill perfect lighting. Some leaves are falling but on the most part it is too early for that.  We are having very cool weather for this time of the year. 

A bonus photo shows the shedding bark of the river birch.  The background green shows the raspberry patch that did not give me much fruit this year.  I am told by a guy on television to trim it all down before winter.  I still have a good month or more to get that job done.