Monday, July 25, 2016

Camera Confusion........

I don't read manuals very well nor do I read all of the directions to my camera.  There are too many directions to understand at one sitting.  I have been having problems with a few things as I use the automatic part of the camera and I couldn't figure things out.  I finally discovered how to just go back and RESET the camera to the default settings.  My little buttons keep getting hit by my fingers causing me to mess it up.  All of a sudden my macro is working better.  I went out to take photos of this lily and the lighting was perfect.  The photos were perfect too. 

This lily is on bud that just hung on forever before it  finally bloomed.  I don't think it successfully bloomed the past two years.  The rains gave it a  chance to make it happen.

I do have two more stems of smaller buds that are waiting for a long time to also open.  I can't believe how much difference there it in their blooming times.

This is a photo I took the day before yesterday and the sun was brightly shinning.  The hazing I think was from the heat. I have learned to wipe the lens off with a soft cloth now when it gets all steamed over.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Swallowtail Sighting.......

It has been a couple of years since I have even seen this swallowtail variety. This one is the only one in the garden right now.  It did me a big favor by landing on the nearest and largest coneflower and staying for a feast. I had run into the house to get the camera and I was not sure it would every be back.  I really appreciated the butterfly's cooperation.

The back wings have a stained glass window design on them.  I will be anxious to see if there will be more.  I have zinnias just now opening and I already know that they like my coneflowers.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mystery Markings.......

We have never seen a blue jay with this large band of black that goes up over the head.  My wife and I believe the two of them must be young ones as the back of the head feathers look like they are in progress of development. Even if they are youngsters they sure are as large as the adult bird would be.

I have been trying hard to get these photos.  It always happens when the bird is out there and the camera is at the other end of the house.   This bird did hang around for a long period of time at the feeder.  I had to shoot through the dining room window. An adult bird would not have stayed on the feeder longer that what it takes to get one sunflower seed in its beak and it then would fly away to eat it. 

Friday, July 22, 2016


The Eurasian Ring Neck Dove is a peaceful dove.  They do tend to travel in pairs or even in groups of even numbers. I am assuming they are in pairs of the birds.  The variety invaded this country from across the waters first being spotted in Florida. I don't know the specific dates but it didn't take it long to spread throughout this country. I believe I have viewed photos of ring necks in Canada and in England. Hearsay from others on the blogs say that this bird is has crowded out a lot of our smaller morning doves.  I don't know the stats on that but I do still see the smaller doves at my feeders and in my yard. I know when these birds are at the feeder as they are a large bird.

On a side note, these birds have good eyesight as they were watching me from the window as I stood in the dining room looking out. I can play "statue" and they do get use to my watching them.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Early Morning......

The phlox are blooming out again after the days of heavy rain.  It is early morning and I found some flowers in the shade that I can photograph.  The sun is up as witnessed in the back of the photo and it is 81 degrees F.  It is actually 7:00 in the morning with 83% humidity.  We really did not cool down last night and the day will prove to be a hotter one than yesterday.  I will water tomato plants in spite of the heavy humidity as I don't want the heat to dry them out and cause them to wilt.

I have a bonus photo of a rose that bloomed out quickly the past few days.  It will be gone soon with all this heat. I had to shade it with my own body to get a better shot.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sunshine All Day............

The sunflower greets the sun this morning. It is s cool 70 degree F. and 97% humidity out there.  The heat index becomes dangerous by 1:00 this afternoon.  I will have to return to see how the sunflower is doing then.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday AM..............

This is the  sight of the beginning of the day before the rain clouds move into the picture. It is a cool 70 degree F. morning which means we will warm up fast.  The small band of rain should be gone in less than an hour with it making more noice than rain.