Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Home Alone......a Nursery.

I had been out working in the orchard area and taking photographs.  Every once in a while a bird would fly away from above my head and I couldn't see what kind of bird that it was.  A couple of days a go I looked up and saw a precarious start of a nest. It was on a large branch but there wasn't much of any other branches to help incorporate a nest.  Yesterday I was out and about and I looked up and there she sat.  I couldn't believe she had pulled off the nest in that area but it was there.

She really is a lot larger than her nest.  I guess that is how the Eurasian ring-neck dove makes their nest. There must be eggs under her as she never left the nest while I was out there.

The tree is an older poplar type tree which looks dead to me.  It has just a few branches that put out leaves.  She did happen to pick a major branch that did have leaves around it. I was thinking that I would have to take the tree down but it did leaf out on at least a third of the tree,

I am still awestruck that her nest can sit there cantilevered out onto that small branch.  I was glad she didn't bother to leave her nest.  She is pretty well blended into the location on the tree.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The company that bred this iris named it Superstition.  It is also billed as a black iris but as you can see there are many more other colors than black.  The bud of the iris is solid black until it opens and then it starts to turn to all these great subtle changes.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day.......

It was a day to remember those soldiers who died during the times of fighting in a war.  The day has evolved to be a day to remember all people who had also been in a war and are now gone.  Traditions turned it into a day to decorate graves of all members of family that have passed away.  My vivid memories as a young boy was the taking of cut flowers from the gardens and placing them on the graves.  Flowers put into mason jars of water helped to make them last longer but in most cases the flowers where wilted and gone in a couple of days.  Plastic flowers became the rage to replace real flowers as they can stay in bloom for many a season.  Silk flowers became a better solution as time has passed. 

The memories of the iris and peonies will always be a permanent memory for me as we would go to cemeteries of old to visit lost parents and grandparents. There are graves of great grandparents that I really have not visited but maybe I can visit them now with more knowledge of where they are buried.  Thanks to the internet we are open to so much more good information in finding graves.

The true original purpose was to remember those who fell during the battle.  My step cousin died at Normandy before I was born. George Horton is buried at the American cemetery near Normandy Beach.  My friend in school and a neighboring farm boy Norman Bettis, died in Vietnam while driving a supply truck.  He had not been in the war no more than three months before he was killed by a bomb.  A first cousin that I never knew because of a divorce of my uncle, was not killed in Vietnam but his death was caused because of his exposure to agent orange.  Max Burgus visited my father, his Uncle Jesse, before he died. He had been there to meet my dad.  He died weeks later.

I am grateful for my ability to commemorate those on this day.  When we remember to honor Memorial Day, I do hope everyone remembers those who were lost and appreciates the job that they did for out country.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Blooms........

The peony bushes are starting to open.  The ones that are in the sun are open while the others will open up later.  I found these peonies out along the alley.  We would never see them so I brought some into the house. I am glad that the rest of them are not out right now as the two or three days of rain will ruin anything in bloom. It is good to see the peonies on schedule blooming over Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

It Is Iris Season.......

I was out of photos so went to the garden to see what I had new.  Three different iris have opened for the first time this season.  This one is a small older variety of iris.  I call them cemetery iris as they are some of the very first iris that were grown in this country.  The wild flag iris was around  and other orchid like wild flowers but these small ones were some of the very first.  Today you can buy this iris and it comes with the name of  "Bumble Bee." I did read a few years back that this one iris is the parent plant to all the hybrid iris today on the market.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Promise........

The rose promises me to have blooms and I promise to go in and cut out the dead stalks.  This rose blooms readily all summer if I keep it watered. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A New Awakening........

I found this on the ground in the wet grass as the wind had sent it to the ground. I had hoped that I would save it by putting it into water and let it find some shelter.  It is a new iris that I planted last summer. A lot of the new iris that I bought will not bloom this year but this one has three branches of buds.

The indoor photo does not do it justice but it is a pale pink.  The beard is a bluish purple on the sepol part of the iris.  I can't imagine how they could breed this plant to look like this especially with that color of beard. I do hope to get an outside shot of this in natural light so I can share its true colors.