Sunday, February 25, 2018

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Feeding the Birds and the Squirrel.......

The squirrel likes the new arrangement with my bird feeders. He can reach both of them and is filling up on the seed. I researched it and the squirrel doss not have pouches.

He discovered that he could lean out onto the standard shaped feeder but the one above in the photo really is the best for him

Friday, February 23, 2018


Barney takes Friday’s in stride. He has his favorite spot on the hardwood floor. If he gets warm he moves closer to sliding glass door.

Outside the sliding glass door the birds are appreciating the warm up of temperatures. The ice will be melting today.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Three Musketeers.......

Every morning it is the royal performance of the opening of the curtains. The three musketeers are excited and  they squawk to great the morning. There can be the making of warning calls to any squirrel or morning dove that looks threatening to them. They are brothers and sister that were hatched in a nesting box attached to the side of an old cage18 years ago. The parents nested willingly when I put the box up and they had two batches of birds within two or three months. I did have to tae the nesting box off the side of the care.  I gave two of the five new birds away and these three have always been together.  They are bonded and I will never separate them. Even in the large cage that I bought for  them they still sleep very close together. I have never named them but the female has different pattern on her tail feathers and I could easily know who she is and name her. The two guys really look exactly alike. One of the guys will come close to the cage and just chatter at me.  They do like to fly in their new cage but they prefer to crawl up and down the sides of the cage with their feet and beak.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Junco Way of Life......

We still have ice coating everything. The sidewalks are covered with a thick glass-like coating. Barney fell down yesterday so he is taken out with me guarding him a lot more closely. The very crunchy stiff grass also bothered him so he doesn’t go too far anywhere in the yard.

The feeders also were frozen over so I had a makeshift solution the past two days.  The sparrows once in a while hit the fry pan and scattered seeds everywhere.  I help to get seeds on the table and different kinds of birds now feed. The deck is a solid glare of ice so I really can’t go out and maintain anything. There is sun shining and we will be 25 degrees F. which might take away some of the ice.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

We Have Ice......

Around midnight the rains came and the temperatures dropped to freezing. It is not the worse ice storm I have experienced but I won’t be walking freely down the drive or on the sidewalk today.  The ice did close down most of the schools in our area.  By the time the ice starts to thaw school would be starting at noon. The sparrow really did have a little trouble with the ice on the rail even with those claws. The bird feeders are partially frozen over so the birds are just checking things out more than eating. I creeped out on the patio and placed a tray of seed on the table that is not frozen over.  I am awaiting for them to figure it out that it is there.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Overhead View.....

It was a sunset that went up over us giving us a colorful ceiling. This is what we saw last evening looking east out on our front step. Their were hints of the color going on when we looked out our back deck, but this was an amazing sight. Our warmer weather is mixing with moisture from the south.  We are predicted to drop in temperatures today and freezing rain is in our future.