Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fancy with Frills......

The hybrid daylily is so much larger than most of all my others in the garden. The colors are subtle and rich in nature and the ruffles makes it look like a fancy curtain. It does bloom like a regular daylily as it puts out a new bloom about every two days.  I am amazed at how they shrivel up after their bloom time so quickly. You can see it do that overnight like the one that is shown in the background above the good bloom.

We  had a heavy rain on Monday while we were in Des Moines and so many blooms were beat up from it.  I have sunflower plants all leaning as if the rain was just to hard on them to stand up.  I am hoping the stand up straight with a sun shiny day. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wildlife Walk............

No, I didn't leave the state to get this shot.  It is at a pond near a hotel in Des Moines. The Canada geese stay year round in Iowa.  They didn't do that 30 years ago and back then one would be fascinated to watch them as they flew over heading north.

AJ needed to get out of the hotel room and get some exercise, so we walked the trail around the pond. 

For a moment I though I was visiting Minnesota along the North Shore but no, we could hear the noise of Interstate 80 that was right near there. Business buildings were built all around the water feature.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The 4th......as is.

It is a holiday that brings good times of celebrating and eating hot dogs.  The historical day does seem to be lost now and our present state of the union seems very unstable.  The checks and balances of our governing body has fallen apart. Our repealing of taxation without representation is worthless as it has raised its head behind closed doors the past few years.  Presidents who abuse the office and know that anything they say  must be right and best for the majority, throws out all representative government. It again tramples the feeling of independence and a free country. Judges declaring a philosophy and not following laws made by the founding fathers and our representative government  becomes dictatorial and socialist behavior and not constitutional.  Lies with symbolic convictions don't mean much replacing honest substance. Socialism always works very well until the money runs out.  As Greece citizens about that. Our flag symbolizes a lot of good things and a lot of bad things.  Either way it does identify a country that has many good people who are out there who keep trying to do the right thing in spite of those who are the powers in charge.

As a holiday, it is time to break from everyday routine.  It is a good excuse for families to get together and parties, picnics and eating pie are good bonding events.  I hope everyone has a restful weekend and do stay safe.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hardy G's.......

A simple single bloom from the hardy geranium.  It is a color of the new one I collected last year. The white center of the bloom is a different one for me and the only one that is of two colors if you call white a color.

It will be a two photo day today as I share this full bloom from another of my plants.  Hardy geraniums like heat and sun but we have not had either for a few days.  Today we will have heat and the sunlight looks like it is less filtered. I believe all of my wintered over geraniums are all now putting out buds. Of course that means there are more blooms to come on this post.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another Bloom to Share......

This daylily is one of my favorites.  It has such striking line design down the middle of each petal and the colors are so strong.  I bought this at the Arboretum that is north of us about 10 miles by the way a c row flies.  It is a crooked road to get there because of the Des Moines river.  A bird could fly there in an instant but to drive there requires many turns back and forth going north to get to a main highway in which again we turn off of and we come back south again. That also is a crooked road with lots of turns as you wander down.  Normally one pays to visit the place but on Saturdays with there are plant sales you can visit for free. I bought this one a day when they were having their daylily sales.  I think they also have a hosta sale on one weekend. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Going with the Roll......

The second day of road construction is now finished.  The second coat was put on quickly and the two different machines did flatten things out nicely.  The smaller one seemed to try to get hit by the larger one.  I think he was trying to see how close he could get trying to get the right a way from the big guy.  Our street to the east of us has not been done.  That street stretches almost from end to end of the town.  I think they will need to wait for the short streets, east and west, to dry out.  Maybe the word is called cure, as the asphalt cools down and shrinks down into a solid street.  Barney and I walked on it last night while the dog gets his last outing for the night.