Thursday, November 27, 2014

Chickadee, Dee, Dee........

I don't think I have heard the call of a chickadee for a long time.  They do go back into the timber areas in the spring when it warms up and I am never out there to hear them.  I took this shot through the window during the snow.   The water drops on the window and the snow itself fill in the shot surrounding the bird.

My wife and I will be home together today and some family will show up tomorrow in Des Moines.  I wish all of you a great Thanksgiving day and weekend. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Snowy Day..........

A fresh snow fell overnight.  We are still having a light snow but it isn't heavy.  A neighboring town was said to have had 3.6 inches of the white stuff.  My closed-eyed angel seems to always have the right expression about the weather as he sits on the outdoor porch table.  I brought him in last year but he will probably do good right here.  His weathering surface continues to age him properly.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Good Morning Sunshine..........

It is nice to see the sun again this morning.  I don't have that great horizon in which I can capture it as it is on someone's property.  It is like certain people who  own a beach on the ocean, my neighbor's own the  horizon because they are on the edge of town.  So I will share the glow of the sun through the trees with the neighbor's houses all in front of the horizon.

I really regret posting this yesterday as it got me into trouble elsewhere.  I was good posting it on my own blog.  I like the piece and it does look like old glass.  Yes, I did get answers of it being an ashtray.  I still don't know if it's history but the glass it is made with seems like old glass.

The problem I got into was I thought it would be nice to post it on the blog Dusty Old Thing.   It was ok but with facebook being what it is, it put it up also on my timeline and my whole set of fb people saw it too.  I was innocently wanting some of the antique people to give some answers.  I see that Dusty Old Thing has pulled it from their blog, deeming it unworthy or foolish to put up with real antiques.  I think all my friends response on my timeline did make it into a less than trivial piece and I didn't intend for Dusty Old Thing to see them. 

Anyway I guess I should think before I post.  Yes, people there were glass furniture coasters when my grandmother was around in the 50's and 60's. I looked them up as antique furniture glass coasters and the sites pop up right away with them being for sale. They were around in the late 1800's.  No, this probably was not one as it has less than a flat bottom and yes, it has indents to hold cigarettes.  I did find out my neighbor up the street has a set of three of them and maybe I will give it to her to add to her collection.  It all turned out to be a humorous thing. My mother kept it among her crystal things in the hutch because glass is glass not matter what.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Let it Shine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Another lost item that I found in the back of a drawer.  I use to think it was a coaster for an old cast iron bed.  I do know my grandmother had glass coasters under one of her beds.  I am not sure what it actually was used for but I have had it for a long time and I have apparently had it hiding in the back of my drawer for quite some time.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Sight of Neglect......

It is a birdbath sort of and it still has leaves in it.  The water is bad and the small round things are glass balls that came from a garden ornament that fell apart.  Maybe today I can go dump it all out and save the glass balls for something.  I could also wait until the snow falls and it covers it up and I can't see it.  I will work on it.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Garden in a Deep Sleep......

There is no life left in the garden.  The zinnias are only memories and the morning glories left long ago.  The raspberries are without leaves and fruit and only one tree in the area still has its leaves. What apples that did not get picked from the top of the tree have now fallen to the ground after the cold spell.  Squirrels are enjoying them as they thaw.  Our snow will be history this afternoon as we are to warm up to 38 degrees or more.  We sort have returned to fall but the air does feel like winter.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Bluejays do keep things active at the feeder.  It is the largest bird out there similar to the starling. When they decide to eat and land on the feeder  pretty much all other birds yield to them.   We have bluejays that like to eat the dried cat food that my wife puts out on the side porch.  She thought the other day that she might be the one getting squawked at as the cat feeder was empty.  They pick up one of those cat food stars and take off for a tree. The weather is to be warm today so the snow will start to disappear so less birds will be at the feeder.