Sunday, October 4, 2015

Neighborhood Feline........

Our neighbor's cat made a great escape to come over again to just hang out. We had not seen him for a month and he is really thin.  When we returned from Des Moines Saturday afternoon he was sitting on the porch step ready to be fed. We put out cat food and as long as he hangs around we will feed him and pet him too.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Yesterday and Today...........

I was surprised to see that I had a white morning glory.  It didn't show up very well against my aging white trim boards.  Yesterday I spotted it when I came home from school. Up to that time I saw the bud but couldn't guess what color it would be.

This morning the second one bloomed.  The cold wind chills make it seem hesitant to bloom.  I think the vines will be dead before all those buds ever get to bloom.

I replaced most all of my trim boards on my house but this back side shows what a 111 year old house does as it's paint jobs decay.  New fresh wood or a heating tool to remove all the old paint would get rid of all that texture. The siding you see there is also just as old and has not been replaced with new like the most of the house has had done.

The Picasa was refusing to download one of my blue morning glories this morning.  I think it has seen enough of them too.  I spared the viewing of it and once the frost hits I will be moving on to other things.  I see my birch and red maple are both starting to turn in places today.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

Life and Death.............

The skeletal remains of a zinnia tells the story of winter being just around the corner. I went outside late afternoon yesterday and took a few shots.  It is definitely fall and in many ways feels like winter.  We had windchill charts this morning to view to show how the temps are dropping.

To counterbalance the dismal shot above I will share a cheery shot of the Heavenly Blue morning glory.  It was too tall for me to take a good shot from above it. When I shot this from beneath I was surprised to see the transparency of the bloom.   The particular variety bloomed around noon yesterday in cold wind and stayed open all night.  At two in the morning it was still trumpeting towards the sky and is still open this morning.  It is the first morning glory that I have ever had like this as most of mine bloom and shrivel up so quickly.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Pair of Unmatched Chairs.........

Trying to find a photo that doesn't have any blooms in it and here it is.  I collect free chairs.  I was given the rocker in the background back in 1975.  A neighbor was clearing out her collection of chairs.  The foreground chair is a free one from off of the curb.  I like good design and I really like good hardwood chairs.  I don't need this chair.  I was surprised my wife didn't tell me to put it back but she has that same weakness.  I promised myself that some one more chair will now leave the house.  I have a few that can go and I will never use them.  This chair would make a great desk chair.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Colors...........

Orange is really a fall color and when things start to be less green, the monarch looks in season.  I had two of these waiting for me to photograph on Monday when I went out to the zinnias.  The little yellow flowers really don't seem real but I am wondering if the butterfly is getting nectar from them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

White Winged Insect......

I took shots of this white butterfly last weekend.  Sometimes I bury things and forget that I have not posted shots.  I am thinking this is either the white moth butterfly or the cabbage white butterfly. He has a lot of weathering, wear and tear on the top ends of his wings.

He was opening and closing his wings here and I thought it lucky to catch it in transition.

I saved my best photo for last.  The butterfly didn't seem to be too concerned about me being around so I was able to play with the lining up of the flowers.  I have seen the yellow sulfite one out there but not a picture of one have I taken. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Glories in the Morning.........

As I left for work this morning the trellis at the back door had two perfect blooms of morninglories.  The blue one is so strong looking and is a larger size that the others.  I bet it is twice the size of the ones I see growing wild in the cornfield.

The other one that was blooming was this red one.  I know I won't see the red one when I get home from work but the blue one has a past history of staying open night and day for a couple of days.  I might see that one tonight. 

I messed with the camera and the moon shots last night and I have to get myself schooled on how to do the moon shots.  I watched the moon come up last night from my chair looking out over the neighbor's garage.  It seemed to raise quickly last night.