Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hung and Hanging Out.......

I repaired the feed tray last week and I did finally get it hung in the birch tree.  The goal is to be able to see it through our baywindow in the living room while sitting on the couch.  How good would that be!  So far I haven't been home in the day to see if there are any takers for the seed.  I hung it in such a way that the squirrels will have to dangle down to get to it. I don't mind that as long as I get to see the antics that they are pulling.  I am sure Barney would like to bark at them once the squirrels find it. In late afternoon I have seen no one there but the snow below it is full of bird prints so they are eating at it.  I bet the snow isn't sitting on top of the seed anymore. I did put strong connecters on the tray so the squirrels won't break off the base.

As a photo I like being able to see limbs in the foreground, the feeder somewhat focused and the maple tree behind.  At the final background it shows the neighbor's car and garage but blurred enough to make it into a color background not a specific shape background.   It is an accidental shot as I just got into the window and clicked the button. The goal is to take a picture with a bird feeding at the feeder.


Blackberry Lane said...

It's a great shot and I hope you get some nice bird pictures.

claude said...

I opened four bird feeders.
Over here, I do no see the neibourgh'cat anymore. That is good for all the bird who come to my backyard.

Valerie said...

Gosh I didn't notice the car until I read that it was there and went back to look. My focus was obviously on that great feeder.