Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Snow Pending......ice Possible.

The snow rock has been picking up afternoon sun which causes its snow bank to melt.  We are suppose to start to have rain and snow this afternoon and the rock will be back to work predicting the weather.

After I took the shot I moved the rock out to be with his iron ore buddy.   You can see a piece of my old blue gate in the photo.  I built a platform for the dogs that is level with the first step.  Barney can take the 6 inch step up and then only has two steps to easily climb.  Button's sight is bad enough that he doesn't know how far down it is to the patio when he is on the platform. He jumps off of the couch easily which is 18 inches but the six inches off the platform is not working for him.  Of course we carry him up and down the obstacle course many times a day.

I will show you what the weather rocks look like late this afternoon when we get our next snow.


Linda said...

Beautiful photos, Larry!

Karen said...

Looks pretty cold there! We may get snow this Sunday in southern Indiana.

Jeevan said...

Good of you to observe the difficulties of the pets and first time hearing about weather rocks. Simple and interesting!