Saturday, February 6, 2016

Surprixe Bloom.....

The first bloom on this amaryllis was disappointing.  It never did put out a full bloom.  The stem stayed short because it has already sprouted in the box before I bought it.  I didn't do much with it after it was planted and the first bloom that partially bloomed is still dead on the stem.  I noticed this morning that a second bud was hiding on the stem and here it is as a partial bloom. My half off deal gave me two half bloomed flowers.  I think the roots didn't have enough time to get established in the dirt before it bloomed. I should see leaves starting to sprout but nothing like that is happen yet.


Jeevan said...

Sounds like a surprise bloom! Splendid capture

Mildred said...

I always enjoyed having these blooms during the winter months. Most often, the stems would get too long and break!
Hope you both (and the dogs) are staying safe and warm.