Thursday, March 3, 2016

Comparative Vision.........

This is an iPhone shot from the English classroom in which  I am working.  I really was interested in sharing the doll and its costume design.  I guess I know a little bit about the author Amy Rand and her name on the edges of the books seems to be in contrast to the fantasy doll. Amy Rand had some serious social comments and the doll not so much a comment about anything serious.


carolann said...

That is beautiful Larry.

My daughter in laws Mom who since has passed away.

Collected I call them clowns may be an embarrassment to those who collect them. Yet as you show. This may be a doll of Oriented. It is pretty costume and pretty face. I like it.

Also a lady in our building had one for our one Theme. Halloween of all things.

She had it hanging in a corner of party room. The kids loved it coming in. Then she had a timer light showing it spinning half way. It legs moving.

The Furry Gnome said...

Reminds me of Venice!

Jeevan said...

Like this composition and light!