Friday, March 11, 2016

In the Shed.....

I like cupboards.  I took this one from my dad's garage.  I am thinking he took it from an old house that he had torn down many years ago. This one isn't so valuable on the market but I am sure I would be surprised to know.

When I was young, living in southern Iowa, old things were cheap.  I have a chest of drawers and other oak furniture that  my mom picked up for 6 bucks a piece.  I bought lots of things for one or two bucks during my early years living in far southern Iowa.  When I moved to Woodward and went across the street to bid on a neighbors old bathroom cabinet, thinking I would be carrying it back home in no time, I was wrong.  Antique prices started to increase at the time in value and the piece sold for $45.  I haven't been to an auction for years.

I appreciate the old cupboard in my shed and will always wonder about its history.  I need to get into that shed and clean house. The red shelving thing was from a shop at school that was being thrown away and the wooden tray at the top is from Madagascar.  It is a tourist piece that has been made from unusual wood with a carved scene on it.  Maybe I should photograph the carving some of these days.


ScrappySandie said...

Interesting picture, Larry. I, too, took an old cupboard from my dad's shop! I owe it belonged to someone else before him and have wondered about its history. Like you, I love to repurpose things, but keep the original character. Oh for the good old days when we could pick up a gem for just a few bucks!
Sandie L

Mildred said...

My grandpa had a cabinet similar to this that I wish I had. I think I see a cigar box on the top shelf ?? Each time John and I go to a thrift or antique store he looks for "cheap" cigar boxes....like you say, some folks are asking too much for these type items!