Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wild Rose......

The wild rose is Iowa's state flower.  I had a large patch of these in the back yard and for some reason the majority of it died out.  I didn't study the weather patterns enough to know what caused it. I do know that it is hard to kill so I was surprised.  Anyway, I have about three stray outcroppings of it that is healthy.  I am going to get to see and photograph many blooms of the wild rose this year. This rose grows wild in Iowa as well as Minnesota.  I have seen it growing along the shores of the Atlantic ocean near Bar Harbor, Maine. The variety in Maine seemed a little more rugged as it was on a cliff above the ocean.  I  expect it has some really rough winters to survive and that makes it a tougher plant.

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Mildred said...

What a delicate looking rose to grow in so many places. Here in Georgia, we have the Cherokee rose, which looks similar.