Thursday, June 9, 2016

Early Morning.......

There is no talent in taking an accidental shot with an iphone.  The good thing is when I can use it though and recognize that it is a good, fun shot.

Our smaller, older dog had me up early this morning. I do get some interesting shots at the early morning time. I moved the angel to a new location as she was falling over in the first place that I had selected. The lush foliage of the hostas and lilies give to her a place of distinction.  The sun is not up yet but I like how I still got a glow from it on the horizon.

The platform is left over from the glass globe that I use to own until a hail storm took it out.  I have never been able to find a true glass globe like the one that I had.  The use as a platform for world famous statuary fits the bill for its repurposing.


Mildred said...

That is a fun accidental shot - it's what I see when I have vertigo!!! lol
Beautiful statue and peaceful setting for it. I remember your glass ball very well and the reflective scenes you would post.

troutbirder said...

It's all about the early morning light isn't it.... Great shot.:)

claude said...

I love your Angel, Larry. She stand in a beautiful place. May be a day shall I have a big one in my backyard.

Jeevan said...

The accidental shot brings cool perspective on the angle! Beautiful