Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mint Invasion.........

I am not sure who gave me mint.  Maybe I bought it as an innocent little plant in a small black plastic container at the store.  I have too much mint now.  It has kept one of my day lilies from blooming and as seen here it has flopped onto the coneflowers during a big wind and rainstorm.  It does make for a nice photo but I will be pulling up more mint today to let the  coneflowers be liberated.

A strong wind last night with the rain cause branches to fall out of the trees.  Some were dead branches and others were ones that were snapped from the silver maple tree.  This rose bud took a hit last night as a large branch fell in the area and broke off the bud.  I had gone out to see if it had opened this morning and large limb dropped onto the whole area.


Valerie said...

someone told me that mint stopped a certain insect from eating their flowers. I don't know if this is true. It is invasive but the smell is lovely.

Jeevan said...

The rose bud looks cute and the mint plants made an impressive shot and image