Wednesday, July 27, 2016


When I first saw this butterfly it reminded me of a small bird.  It was very active flapping its wings wildly.  It just didn't seem anything like I had seen before but I have.  This kind of swallowtail is the only variety that I saw when I was a farm kid in southern Iowa.  Getting a photo seemed impossible as it was so hyperactive flitting from one flower to the other and not really staying to eat at any one coneflower. I started snapping wildly and hoped something would be focused when I finished shooting. I was surprised to see that I had this shot.  It moves so fast that you don't see the light colored body and lighter outside wings.

To exemplify how hard it was to get a shot of this insect, in this photo you can barely make out the right wing. It is a blurred line and only parts of the left wing are in focus.

The other light colored swallowtail was out there and I did get some more photos of it.  This guy I had seen earlier Monday but never thought I would see him again.  I suppose I could stand out there all day and I would catch more things but it seems to work if I check on the area once in awhile when I am working out there.


Valerie said...

Photo No.1. is excellent. Yes, I know the subject is pretty but your capture of it is pretty good too.

Mildred said...

I do love butterflies and coneflowers! That first shot is amazing.