Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cornfield Flowers........

The photo shoot in my neighbor's cornfield proved to be successful.  The vines of morning glories are out of control and the flowers are bountiful.  Farmers of old would complain of getting their corn pickers clogged with vines.  I suppose the new monster combines probably are not effected by the extensive ropes of many vines in the corn.

The sun was in just the wrong position for taking the photos but I still did get some good ones. I took a lot of bad ones. I may return again on another day at a different morning.  The blooms are all gone by noon.


Mildred said...

Good Sunday Evening, I hope you both and the doggies have had a good day. These photos are really pretty. I am updating my blog now if you get a chance to visit.

carolann said...

Beautiful .