Sunday, August 21, 2016

Garden Shed.......3 Shots.

My garden shed is functional as it is filled with lots of things from many different aspects of my life.  I can not go into the shed and pot a plant in there though as the shed is being a storage area.  I don't have a garage on my ancient property so the shed and my basement are both my storage areas.

Still life items that I had a school for students to look at while they drew with pencils ended up out at the shed. A lot of those things are displayed on shelves and in the window.

A pot from my parents garage hangs from the ceiling waiting for a plant to be put into it. Someday it will graduate to that type of use.

The old scythe is from my wife's farm that originally was her grandfathers farm.  I am sure her granddad used that scythe to cut prairie grass.  The story goes that her granddad bought the farm near Grimes and lived in a shed with a couple of his brothers.  They cut prairie grass the first year and sold it in the downtown area of Des Moines in order to make money.  The old rake is a cheapie one that I still use in a pinch.  It is ready for the landfill. The red cupboard next to that was inherited from a former shop teacher that wanted it out of the shop.


Betsy Brock said...

Very charming!

Valerie said...

I bet it's fun poking around your shed. Love the scythe, which reminded me of a pelican at first sight.

Mildred said...

I always love to see things displayed in a window. John now has a basement all to himself and he is enjoying it.