Friday, August 12, 2016

Photographic Studies.....

It had rained early in the morning.  It is always raining.  I went over mid morning to see how the cornfield's natural flower garden had fared. The rain really had messed with the blooms and a third of them were in decline or damaged.

I had to work for a few good flowers in the composition and use the corn leaves and vines as my bones for the photo.

Corn stalk leaves and glory vines with stems really create an abstract structure for me to shoot through.  A lot of the flowers hve little insects inside of them feeding off of the nectar. They have to work fast as the flowers doexn't stay open for long and they could get caught inside of the bloom.


claude said...

Rain clothes the flowers pretty small or large transparent beads.
Have a great week-end, Larry !

Karen said...

I love these flowers. I used to see them when I was a child at Papa's farm and also sweet peas.