Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Up Close and Personal.......

This last Asiatic lily to bloom is a red carpet star.  I was able to capture the textures that come off of this flower. The bloom last a long time surviving many rainy days.  I still have a few buds yet to bloom.

The bud on a knock out rose is a serious looking bud. I know that it isn't any T rose when it blooms but the buds are very well formed.

The wave petunia keeps blooming but the stems do not keep growing.  The petunia is a plain looking flower but their positive feature is that they put out many blooms of the same color.

When doing this post, it is my goal to just share one photo of better quality than maybe a point and shoot photo.  Many times I have to crop down and adjust  a point and shoot into a better quality photo. When I get desperate I do make it happen with the computer program.

Today though I have too many photos that could fit this quaity one spot shot blog.  I shared three and I held back some pretty wonderful sunrise shots for another day.


Linda said...

They are all lovely, Larry! The first macro is a winner! I have always loved these flowers. Thanks so much for sharing.

Valerie said...

If this was a competition the lily would be a definite winner.

Mildred said...

I love all of the flower photos today and look forward to the sunrise pics, also. We moved 5 plants here: lilac, vitex, gardenia, weigela and Mexican petunia. The gardenia is the only one struggling. The leaves are turning yellow. I hope it makes it.

Karen said...

So pretty. Love that delicate rosebud.