Saturday, October 8, 2016

Little Red Wagon,,,,,,,

A quick shot of an outdoor sight next to my shed.  The wagon belonged to my youngest son.  I think my dad had retrieved it from the dump, back when people were allowed to go there and salvage things. My youngest son is approaching the age of 38 in January, so the wagon has been around for a while.  I use it to throw tools or garden stuff into it and haul to the work site.  The "work site" sounds important but the statement just means that I am too lazy to make three trips to get the tools that I need to do the job.  I actually use my new wheel barrow for that but I like having that wagon around to remind me that I once was a young father.  A tiller is covered with a tarp and the wagon is being used to help deflect the weather elements from the machine.


Mildred said...

Love the story behind the wagon. Sweet memories

John is still using that yard sale wheel barrow I bought him! He has had to patch it, buy a tire and replace a handle. A new one would have been cheaper!

The Furry Gnome said...

Looks aboutthe same as ours!