Monday, November 28, 2016


AJ already likes the workings of a steering wheel.  I am certain the he will be at a steering wheel most of life.

AJ likes to help his mom in the kitchen.  At the Science Center there was a farmhouse which had a replica kitchen in it. Kids could pretend to cook and wash dishes. There were replica plastic fruits and vegetables everywhere.

A bonus third photo on my one "photo a day blog."  My son supplied all three photos today on my blog. I thought maybe it would be good journalism to at least show the face of the boy in one of the visuals.


Jeevan said...

My neighbor's kid (age 1 or 2 above AJ) also like steering and he keep rotating the steering of his toy car. AJ seems to had fun at the science center

Valerie said...

The perfect place for a young lad. You can see that he was in his element at the wheel.

Mildred said...

I love seeing these photos!