Sunday, November 6, 2016


I remember seeing men looking out at the back of the caboose as the train went by our car when I was a kid.   I know that they needed someone back there in the old days because there were not any radio contacts to the back of the train from the front engin. The worker had the window up in the top notch of the car to see the front of the train.  I am sure there were flags that the would swing back and forth when things were good at the back at the train to tell the engineer that all was good.  The bay window on the yellow car does confuse me a little as I am not sure why it had to be there. 


Kay said...

I love trains, especially when they blow their whistle and it echos through the hills.

Jeevan said...

Back days, in lack of technology, the communication seems to be interesting and I like the idea of window up in the top notch. Thanks for sharing this piece of info and picture on car.