Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Corn Harvesting............

Filling up the wagons with the corn that has been picked and shelled by the combine. The corn was being emptied out of the combine into the second wagon that was sitting at the end of the field.

It seems to me that this small field next to our area was one of the last to be picked.  I am sure they have been really busy picking all their larger fields of corn.  The machine picks and grinds the corn to release the seed.  The cobs look like they are meant to be cut into small pieces so they will decompose easily.


claude said...

Il could see the same near my neighbor on the other side of the road.
This year, near home there was wheat.

Jeevan said...

Interesting shots on the harvesting... mechanism has made things easy and I always wonder to learn how this separation taking place.

Mildred said...

Always fun to watch this process.
Hope you two have a good evening.