Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Day........

It isn't green out there in the garden anymore but the memories in photos show that we did have an abundant growing season.  The fall celebration of a good harvest and a time to appreciate family and friends is upon us.  I hope everyone has a good day today whether it is sharing times in a large group or spending time at home for the day.  It is good to stop and enjoy a day of giving thanks for all that we have in our lives for the past year.


Jeevan said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and your dear ones! Its beautiful to live with gratitude and sharing the happiness of living... We should really thank to our photo technologies to store the memories of never return phases in images, fresh to cherish.

Mildred said...

You really did have a good year with the plants in your yard. We are hopeful our drought conditions improve for this spring/summer.