Friday, February 24, 2017

Weather Report......Visually

The weather rocks show a course ice formed from freezing rain.  The wind blew hard and loudly most of the night.  I actually woke up when it got quiet.  The silence was amazing after hearing the thunder and roar all night.  It is now gently snowing out there with the promise of the weather people that it will stop at noon.  After all those warm days it seems strange to have snow again.  I see all our warm weather moved east now and it tis making weather head lines.


Jeevan said...

Seems the weather is getting better and warmer everywhere... Cool shot

The Furry Gnome said...

Best weather forecast here is to open the door and look outside. I should put some weather rocls out there to look at!

Mildred said...

Hello! I can imagine it is strange to have snow after such nice warm days. We are due to get rain, which we need. We passed by a couple of lakes on our drive into Atlanta yesterday and they are so very low.
God bless you both.

Valerie said...

Oooh I do NOT want any snow... the storm Doris was bad enough.