Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It has rained all day.  The leaves you see from the photo of the past shows what will be happening soon on the birch tree.  The bud debris keeps falling on the cars and sidewalks.  I see we walk it into the house as we walk the dog.

We moved major items today to the new home.  "Two men and a Truck" show up early and begin to remove all the large furniture items. I finished clearing my desk and move an aquarium while they worked.  They were such nice young men.  They had it out of the house in less than two hours.  Actually a third man showed up to help out so it went that much faster. It would be worth it to hire them to come back and take all of the boxed items if you didn't get any outside help.  Our boys will be here soon to pitch in with this endeavor.

Our old antique furniture looks good scattered through the house as it blends with the new furniture.  We have an order of furniture coming in on Friday which will help to fill in the gaps that we have right now.  We did get the painting done in the master bedroom, but we have not had the time to remove the frog painting tape.


Mildred said...

We have used that moving co. a few times with good success. Glad you had nice movers and that everything went well. I bet your new house is looking more like home now. All the best.

troutbirder said...

An exciting process but also a little bittersweet....:)

Valerie said...

You will miss that tree. Are there trees where you are moving to?