Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday's Blooms

A visit to the old house on Monday to pack and clean up places in the house  meant picking some flowers that were blooming.  I didn't take them all but there were a couple of places where they had bloomed.  I didn't get blooms last year so it was nice to see most of them had proceeded a few blooms. Our new house has bad tulips and no daffodils. The neighbors to the west have a wonder planting of red tulips.

This other variety originated at my parents home and I had moved some of the bulbs up from southern Iowa. I like both kinds of flowering daffodils.


ScrappySandie said...

Hi Larry, just went back and read a whole bunch of your previous posts. Congratulations on your move to a new house! And a remodeling project before the move...wow! You are ambitious! I hope you are settling in and enjoying the new place. Springtime will help with that! Your flower photos are lovely, as always. (I'm jealous, as always!)

Ginny Hartzler said...

Gorgeous! They look like the sun crawled up inside them.