Friday, May 12, 2017

Of Times in the Past......

I have collected so many old things that are from past times that I don't remember where the items originated.  The shiny glazed stoneware container probably had a wooded lid that covered a preserved food.  The shape is the only one that I have in my years of clinging to stoneware.  I keep finding more pieces as I empty out my basement.  I do remember one piece that I received from my "John and Iva" connection. It was used to hold tar or some other very sticky shellac. I remember it had a rag and corncob as its stopper.   I did get it all out of that container but I have never put food in any of them. This one will end up with my display that is developing above the kitchen cupboards.


Dianna said...

That is beautiful! I love the fact that it is shiny. I also like the shape of it.

Jeevan said...

This stoneware could adore the cupboard!