Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Two Shots.....Two Blooms.

My first bloom from the iris broke off of the stem as I transported to the new home. This is one of the smaller old fashion iris that I have.  I would call it a cemetery iris but that seems to confuse people.  It is one of the original kinds of iris that they used to created the large hybrid ones that they sell today.

A bonus photo today of the globe allium that are blooming right now. I did cut some to put into a vase and they are working as a cut flower.


Dianna said...

I have some of both types of Iris...the cemetery and the larger type of today. The lady whom we bought our current home from had many of the old ones planted and I loved them so kept them in tact. They remind me of my childhood. My grandmother would also fix bouquets of Iris (or Flags, as she called them) and peonies to take to the cemetery for on my uncle's grave for Memorial Day (or Decoration Day) as she would call it.

I just noticed this morning when I was out and about in the yard that one of my newer type that are quite large is beginning to come out.

Beautiful photos!

The Furry Gnome said...

Great colour and pattern!

Mildred said...

To quote you, "Wonderful posting"

Jeevan said...

Beautiful decorative with flowers!

ScrappySandie said...

Both close-ups are beautiful! The colors are so vibrant! Both photos show well God's amazing handiwork! Thanks for sharing!