Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Croquet Anyone??????

I have been accused of losing my marbles but the expressions I received from my wife's relatives about these old croquet balls were priceless. "Yes, I do want the croquet balls". The solid wood items have a special old fashion character.  I should wax them and retake the photo but for now this is what they look like. I don't know what the new ones are made of but they are all painted a solid color with a stripe.

I have good memories of playing the game at my cousins house. It was a lot of fun for me, I maybe had more fun than my older brother and older cousin back in the 60's but they did like competition.  I don't even remember how I played, but being the youngest it was just for the sport of it all. I have yet to find any older mallets that would go with these five balls.


Mildred said...

Our family had a croquet set from the 60's. I still see these in antique stores.

claude said...

Old but nice !
I love your birdhouse.