Saturday, July 8, 2017

Patterns with Shine......

The patterns of most of the glass coasters are the same.  In the collection is one with a completely different design and another that is just larger than all of the rest. After they were unpacked we decided to stack them and start using them in our living room area.

When I researched the glass pieces I found that they were sold in sets boxed up by purpose.  The coasters could have been sold with a sugar and creamer and some small plates. It isn't crystal glass but it was a inexpensive way to have glass pieces to use for formal dining. I would think that glass was a substitution to fine china. While I was unpacking things I found some glasses that were similar to this and I am sure one could buy sets of drinking glasses back in that time of history. My knowledge is limited but I am thinking these were more popular in the 40s.

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Mildred said...

They are very pretty. With the high humidity, coasters are a necessity!