Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer Home in the Woods....

I vaguely remember seeing the birdhouse in the tree but it didn't make any impression back in early spring.  When I was over taking photos of the clematis, I looked over and saw this neat weathered birdhouse hanging in the tree. It looks like it is a part of a serious forest even though it is just an oversized pussy willow shrub. I doubt I will ever get a songbird in the house though with the hole being so large. The weathered roof takes a lot of years to have that effect.

Just to let you see why I was over there is because of these blooms of the clematis. The weight of the blooms has cause the flowers to sag down more lower on the vine.

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ScrappySandie said...

yes, your clematis flowers are lovely! And I like that birdhouse...it has weathered many seasons and thus has lots of character. Like you?!