Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Find the Birdie.......

From my deck above the zinnias, I could see the youngster goldfinches eating at the flowers.  Getting a focus on them was difficult but I accidentally got this one. The camera acted like it could not find a focus most of the time and yet a couple of them did get photographed.

Another shot shows a timid pose of the goldfinch.  I do have some blurry shots of one of them tearing away at a flower to get the seed.  The mature seed is actually attached to the dried up petal.

I will try a another day with  my wife's camera.  She will have to train me in how to use it.  Various lenses would help me if I get the right one.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I do see him! He is well hidden in the first picture.

Mildred said...

I see the goldfinches. I remember how they loved black-eyed Susans too at one of our homes. I've had the same sad camera for years...I doubt if I could be taught to use a new one!