Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fixed the Gate.....

During the whole summer the blue gate had given me grief.  You can kind of see that it is crooked in the opening. The bottom of the gate would drag and I couldn't easily open it. The last warmest evening that we had, which was two days ago, I declared it to be "fix the darn gate now" day! It was a post problem that was not standing straight.  The fence was being stressed by the weight of the gate on the post so the fence allowed the gate post to pull away from it. The nails were a fourth of the way out of position.  It wasn't a hard fix but I did have to remove six or seven nails and straighten the gate.

I placed a three inch piece of wood under the gate so it would hang straight again.  I then renailed the fence to the post making the post stand straight in position.  Too many words,  I know, but I guess I needed to revue the process for myself.  Now when it snows it will be easier to open it unless there is a four or five inch snowfall.

The photo is archived from my spring files when the clematis was blooming.  I have saved seed from the plant hoping to plant it to see if I could get some starts from them.


Blackberry Lane said...

I have always loved your blue gate. It feels good to get a "to do" project checked off your list!

That's a pretty clematis - best wishes with the seeds.

Karen said...

Clematis is a flower I would like to have. I love the updated pic of AJ on your sidebar!

Valerie said...

I can't see the repair but I imagine you did a good job. I have always liked that blue gate so I'm glad it wasn't a write-off.