Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Goldfinches Feeding.....

As I was headed to the kitchen to get the geranium start that sits in the glass vase, I noticed a lot of activity of scrapping birds.  I had goldfinches fighting for position at the seed sock. Between the camera setting being bumped to a wrong setting, it was raining or hazy, and the shot was taken through glass, I did get some images of medium quality.  Most of the shots on the camera were thrashed.

The goldfinch are changing back to their yellow feathers now and they seem a little dirty. This is one of my more focused shot  and there seems to be no head.  I call it the detail shot of showing how the bird uses its feet to hang on to that sock.  I did see some of the birds out this morning while taking Button outside. We had scared a couple of them away. So maybe just maybe I can get them in some bright sun for some true clear color and focus.


Linda said...

So beautiful, Larry!

Jeevan said...

More than getting detailed photos, you didn’t miss the opportunity on the moment to take notice on their ability to perch a sock!

Mildred said...

Interesting to see how they "hang on" to the sock! I remember how the goldfinches love the coneflowers each fall.

I may have lost my comment on your "cloud" post previously....I love the bare tree branches against the sky. Our trees are beginning to turn green finally.