Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pick a Brick.......

I cleared away some bricks from around an old fishpond that I am shutting down.  The bricks have been collected from all sorts of locations.  Half of these bricks were dug up from the property as they seemed to be buried and left after a small building had been torn down.  The oldest brick in the pile is the one that has the indention.  I have seen bricks like this used on restorations shows where the brick was made this way to hold mortar. One set of bricks came from an old school building in Guthrie Center, Iowa.  A former student who had attended there brought home a bunch when she attended there and then brought them to our school to do a project for me.  That was at least 15 years ago.  I inherited the bricks as she didn't want to take them back home.

Some of the bricks were salvaged from a town south of us called Moran.  It is an Italian coal mining town in which the highway department tore down an entire row of houses. It was done so they could turn it into a four lane next to the town.  I haven't a conclusion to this post.  I find myself using bricks around a planting area and then I get bored with them and move them away.  These bricks may be rearrandged as a sculpture as I don't have plans for them at this time;  and yet I guess I could make a new walkway next to my extend porch project.  Photos follow always if that happens.

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Mildred said...

Interesting to learn of the different places these bricks are from. The street that my childhood home was on has two pre Civil War homes and the bricks were hand-made on the property.

Before selling the home we shared with mother, we hired a contractor to do repair work on two dormer windows. He chose to use "half bricks" or brick veneer to cover stucco; the lighter weight was perfect for this project. The inspector that the buyer chose when purchasing our home had not seen brick like that and wrote on the inspection report that those bricks were too heavy and would fall!!!