Monday, March 14, 2016

Salt or Pepper......or Both.

My mom collected the salt and pepper shakers.  She started to buy them when we would take a trip out west each summer time.  Her collection was not huge but some just got to be tossed due to the lack of good design, ha, or were just plain ugly.  I kept a few and I am determined to put the few that I have into a box for storage.   

Watching a show on Sunday Morning a few weeks ago, they covered a convention of collectors of these kinds of things.  People today are still collecting them and one woman was known to have 53,000 salt and pepper shakers. 


L. D. said...

My cell phone apparently really is not publishing my comments as I see there are none here. I will not use the phone any more to save every one's comments in the future. I hate that I lost the comments.

Mildred said...

I have always loved to see vintage s & p. My lifelong friend Amy has a set that belonged to her grandparents. Over the years as we visited antique and craft shops, I noticed that some creative folks will use a slightly damaged s or p as the "top" to a tassel.