Monday, July 25, 2016

Camera Confusion........

I don't read manuals very well nor do I read all of the directions to my camera.  There are too many directions to understand at one sitting.  I have been having problems with a few things as I use the automatic part of the camera and I couldn't figure things out.  I finally discovered how to just go back and RESET the camera to the default settings.  My little buttons keep getting hit by my fingers causing me to mess it up.  All of a sudden my macro is working better.  I went out to take photos of this lily and the lighting was perfect.  The photos were perfect too. 

This lily is on bud that just hung on forever before it  finally bloomed.  I don't think it successfully bloomed the past two years.  The rains gave it a  chance to make it happen.

I do have two more stems of smaller buds that are waiting for a long time to also open.  I can't believe how much difference there it in their blooming times.

This is a photo I took the day before yesterday and the sun was brightly shinning.  The hazing I think was from the heat. I have learned to wipe the lens off with a soft cloth now when it gets all steamed over.


Betsy Brock said...

Some of your very best photos! What a lovely flower!

Valerie said...

I could never understand my camera instructions either. You got a lovely shot of the lily, picture perfect!

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Love the last shot- gorgeous flower. My lens immediately steams over when I go outdoors. I am waiting patiently for fall..SIGH

Mildred said...

Wow! So pretty. I'm with Terri....looking forward to fall.