Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mystery Markings.......

We have never seen a blue jay with this large band of black that goes up over the head.  My wife and I believe the two of them must be young ones as the back of the head feathers look like they are in progress of development. Even if they are youngsters they sure are as large as the adult bird would be.

I have been trying hard to get these photos.  It always happens when the bird is out there and the camera is at the other end of the house.   This bird did hang around for a long period of time at the feeder.  I had to shoot through the dining room window. An adult bird would not have stayed on the feeder longer that what it takes to get one sunflower seed in its beak and it then would fly away to eat it. 

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Mildred said...

How pretty. My camera never seems to be handy either! lol Looking forward to seeing the variety of birds here.