Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Their Last Days........

This Asiatic lily is on its last days. The majority of the blooms have fallen apart petal by petal.  The last few are looking really weathered.  It was a good season of blooms from it this year.

I will be saying goodbye to this color of stargazer today.  It didn't fair well with the rains last night.  I could still smell it this morning while I was out with Button.  The other kind of stargazer is still in the budded form but should be open soon.  Of course, photos will follow their blooming. The lilies have given me almost too many opportunities for photos.


Mildred said...

I can still recall the sweet fragrance of star gazer lilies at the home we shared with mother. I love these photos.

claude said...

Excellent shots, Larry ! Of all your lilies. They are very beautiful colors. Have a nice week-end !