Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Engine.....Old Desgn.

We visited the "Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad" on Saturday at Boone, Iowa.  It is a train museum with many old parts of trains and old engines too.  This engine pulled our train both ways as we took a ride through the scenic valley of the area crossing creeks and large rivers.  The engine is new, meaning they bought it 15 to 20 years ago from China.  They still make steam engines and the organization bought it and had it shipped to the United States. The stack for the smoke is a modern looking one and the whistle is as authentic as it can be.   It was a great place to visit and to ride in a very rickety old passenger car.  There were 11 passenger cars on this trip and they add and subtract the number of cars depending on the number of tickets that are sold.  This one photo is the tip of the iceberg as I took 130 photos today. I will be sharing many photos on both of my blogs for a long time.


The Furry Gnome said...

Looks like a fascinating place to visit. Steam trains were such a big part of our history. Look forward to more!

Valerie said...

Magnificent engine. My husband would have liked to see that - he was a train buff through and through.

Jeevan said...

It’s really wonderful to hear a reproduce of old engines... when people’s concentration is on new techno building old train models is a pleasure to people who like old things and lifestyle. Grand looking trail!

Mildred said...

Years ago, John and I, along with my parents, enjoyed a similar excursion.