Saturday, November 19, 2016

Friday's Surprise.....

I was outside Friday morning working on a last minute project.  I had some siding next to my steps that needed to be removed and replaced.  It was blowing so hard and the wind chill was amazing.  As I walk over to the shed to get a tool or piece of siding I looked up to see this. I could not believe that a morning glory would be in bloom with it being so cold and windy.

It was blowing so hard that I had to hold it still to get a shot of it. The wind did happen in gusts and I had to stand on a stepladder and wait for the wind to subside before I could take a shot.  It was really too cold for me to be working out there but I did get it done.  I finished in spite of the time I took to get the camera, step ladder and to shoot three photos.

The cold weather effected the color as it is a blue morning glory in normal weather. I was earlier thinking I should go out and harvest more seed from the vine.


Valerie said...

That's what I call dedication to a hobby. You wouldn't have caught me taking photos on such a windy day. The photograph was well worth the effort.

The Furry Gnome said...

Beautiful picture! Can't believe the bloom this late either!