Sunday, November 20, 2016

Silver Maple......

The tree is ready for the snowy season as it has dropped all of its leaves.  The sky was perfect as a background for the tree.

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Mildred said...

Hi Larry & Della, Catching up on your blog this evening. Thanks for the anniv. wishes for John and me. I loved the toys that you purchased for your grandsons. I love to see the joy that these gifts bring to the little ones. We have a 6 yr old neighbor girl who appreciates any little token we gift her. Her parents and brothers brought us 2 plates of food for our Thanksgiving yesterday!
We still have leaves on the trees here. The smoke from the wildfires is better but still in the air.
Thanksgiving is a good time to tell you each how much we appreciate your friendship and prayers over the years. You both remain in our prayers as well. Have a pleasant and relaxing weekend.