Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gathering Waterfowl........

As I emptied out my one cabinet of various collections I took a few shots of things.  The items were taken from the cupboard and brought to the living room.  I was watching television and packing them at the same time.  The process became wipe and dust, bubble wrap and then put it in the box.  I did realize that I have too many collections as I didn't get done packing the box in one round.  I have two more shelves to do yet before the cupboard is emptied.


Dianna said...

Your waterfowl are gorgeous. There is an artisan village not far from where we live that we visit about once or twice a year. One of the artisans is Gary Yoder who does beautiful carvings. When I saw your collection here I thought of him immediately. He is amazing to watch and has been on television. I'm enclosing a link where you can read a bit about him...when you run out of things to do as you pack. :) http://spruceforest.org/yoder.php

Jeevan said...

You gathered and preserved so many things Larry! I too like preserving things and looking back later is such a pleasure to cherish. Cute ducks