Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Winter Came Back....

Fresh seed was welcomed as the snow was built up on the feeder.  Pouring the seed on top of the snow isn't a bother to the doves.  There was actually a cardinal visiting the feeder yesterday but I don't have any photo evidence of the event.  They have been scarce most of the winter. I saw a killdeer out walking up an alley while walking Barney.  We never have killdeer in town like that but are out in rocky areas along the ditches of the highway. We do have melting this afternoon brought on by sunshine and not the air temperatures.  It is still close to freezing right now this afternoon.


Mildred said...

Beautiful photo. Have a good day.

Dianna said...

The doves have such a lonesome call. I'm certain they enjoyed the seeds on top of the snow.