Thursday, April 13, 2017

Clutter Still Life.......

The moving process forces us to look at all that we have and what we need to eliminate. Different pieces have history to different people and others are a puzzlement to both of us.  The cup of clear and red glass is something we have but we don't know anything about it. The oldest thing here is the green glass from my mom's collection of six.  They were never used by her and the value of them as an antique item that doesn't have much value. We use them in colored glass displays. The time element seems to force us to move it and then evaluate it true purpose and future.  We did decide that we need a glass display cabinet, old or new, in which to put some of the most special things.  I will stop collections things now with the idea that just because it is old, I don't need to collect it.


Betsy Brock said...

All of those pieces are very pretty! The clear with red band is called Flash Glass. It was made in the 1910's. Still very collectible~

Valerie said...

I am going through a 'do I need to keep it' phase and finding it very difficult. I love the colour of the glass in your collection.